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Word from the Web Page 1

Welcome to my web, said this spider to that fly...

It's so very nice to see you here, so glad you happened by...

Won't you come inside and look around

see what there is to see?

You might find just what you seek

and you'll be quite safe with me....

Here, you will find some writings, perhaps to inspire or delight, to awaken the sleeper within, or to soothe a restless soul.  Truly, you are welcome here, and I hope you will enjoy your time playing in my web... 

Do let me know what you think, hmm?  



The music which flows through me is the true voice of Spirit whispering magic in my ear... hidden melodies, long-ago forgotten tunes, secret harmonies and counterpoints.  The muse of my inspiration is a flighty creature, often disappearing for long periods of time, no matter how much I will her to return.  She speaks to me in her own time; she cannot be coerced, only welcomed.  Often she sings to me in the voice of a little girl, a breathy, whispery kind of song, usually starting as a humming inside my head, sometimes comes out through my voice without my being aware that I’m humming or singing.  Every so often, the words flow out, fully prepared, completely written, already rhyming and grammatically correct.  The finest music doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process in which I endlessly try to find the rhyme and rhythm and timing and motion. When I slow down and open consciously to the beauty and the sacred around me, my muse feels more at home. When the singer completely becomes the song, there is no difference between spirit and matter.  When the voice of the fountain and the murmur of the mountain align in total harmony, the music flows out like a river towards the ocean and I simply float along on the surface, easily carried on the current.


 Another Artist’s Prayer

 Great Spirit, Sweet Mother, You of a thousand thousand names,
 I have taken time out of time, cut a space between worlds
 that I may become more truly Your open channel to be Your tool in the world, to manifest Your work in  the world.

I offer myself to You as a willing servant.
I open myself to Your love and Your light.
I surrender to You my fears and doubts.
I welcome You to take my life this day and do as You see fit.
I trust that You are orchestrating the symphony of my life.
I trust that I am safe and loved, blessed and protected.
I know that I am a reflection of You, and that creativity is our nature and our birthright.

I ask You to open me to Your way, as You will.
Help me to remember to rest in You
And that my only job is to reflect Your love into the world,
to be healed by You and through others walking this same path and made whole.

Help me to open to love,
to nurture and be nurtured,
to encourage and be encouraged,
to understand and be understood.

Help me to remember You are always with me,
and that I am loved and lovable.
Help me to create as an act of worship to You.

And So It Is....



A Truth To Remember

There is no reality but Spirit, there is only Spirit.
There is no need Spirit cannot meet;
no thirst Spirit cannot quench;
no hunger Spirit cannot feed;
no emptiness Spirit cannot fill;
no darkness Spirit cannot light;
no fear Spirit cannot calm;
no question Spirit cannot answer

I am learning to let go
learning to open my fists
learning to breathe
learning to swim with the flow
instead of fighting the current.


 The Meaning of My Life

I have been blessed to dis-cover and re-member my true purpose on the planet.

I deeply know that I am here now to fulfill my destiny... to be an ever-overflowing container of Divine Light and Love.

(and really, that's the gist of it.)

but also...

to dance in the ecstasy of existence
in all it's terrifying beauty...
to be the Grail of bygone days-
ever cascading the limitless emanations of Spirit
into the lives of all those I am led into contact with.

I am a trumpet-blowing angel, here to wake up those who are tired of
sleepwalking to the Truth, that we, all of us, have the same sole purpose,
to radiate and emanate Spirit's Light and Love.  Period.

I deeply know that as long as I am connected to the Divine, I am on the
right path toward wholeness.  When I align myself with Spirit, I am safe,
with every moment, every breath, every heartbeat slipping by, I am deeply loved.

In this moment of the eternal *now* I have no fear, no regret, no shame.
I am healed.  I am whole.  I am holy.


Drum Story

The first time I heard the siren song of love issuing forth from the voice of the drum, I was just twenty-one.  I was at a gathering of women musicians, and one evening, I decided to go for a walk.... I began to hear the most magical sound, of people drumming together, really listening to each other, and carrying on an involved conversation, through their music-making.  I was absolutely swept away in the energy and the feeling of the music, and I followed my ears to the source, a small bonfire of women, gathered with their drums, playing as the sun went down.  I stayed near the edge of the group, listening, enthralled, until the players took a break.  I went and sat near one the women who had been playing, and asked her to show me something, anything, how could I join this marvelous current they were all swimming in... And she patiently taught me one part, and then another and then another... And by the time I wandered back to my tent, it was well past midnight, and I knew I had to find out more.  I went back the next night and the next night after that, and then it was time to go home.  The next week, I found a drum-maker who made me my first drum, a honey-blonde hybrid of a conga and an ashiko, with a thick cowskin head and heavy, metal hardware.

The drum has led me through each one of the major transitions and changes in my life.  It has introduced me to the people I am closest to in my life, including my husband, Jeff.  It has led me across the country, and through most of the fifty states.  I have taught classes throughout New England, the Southeast, in the mountains, in the desert, in the woods, in churches and temples and under the sky.  I have played for dance classes of up to a hundred people, and for rituals involving one dancer.  I have played music for people who were being born, being transformed, and dying.

I have opened myself to Spirit’s guidance, chosen to trust my inner intuition when she says “sing!” or “dance!” or “play!” and this voice has never steered me wrong.  It’s only when I don’t listen that I lose out on an experience, or when I let someone else’s fear or shame get in my way.  I choose not to give my power away like that anymore.  As an artist, I want to find ways to encourage others to be in their creative flow, truly expressing their own hearts.  It is not my job to tell others to be quiet, nor is it my job to listen when others would tell me not to sing or play or to quiet down.  I am blessed with my voice and the songs that pour through me, and my main responsibility is to Spirit, to be grateful for the gifts that I do have, and to use them abundantly; it is this which can encourage others to blossom and open into their own fullness…. Abundant gratitude.


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