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A Memory of Winter-Star

We are gathering indoors, in an attempt to intentionally recreate the spontaneous sweetness of the magic from the previous night’s fire, just to see if the experience is repeatable.  We light a candle to re create our bonfire, turn off the lights, to symbolize the darkness, light incense to signify the smoke of the bonfire, and listen for the sound of the ever-present heartbeat, to join as one heartbeat, pulsing out the rhythm of all that walks or swims or flies with us on this planet Earth....

Calling to the One that is All, calling to the divine spark within each one of us, calling to the Holy spirits who dwell within us all, to join us and be present with us and share the gifts that they bring to us.... And the rhythm begins to change...

Growing and swelling and opening and blossoming
and rolling and writhing and rocking us into
a chanting and singing and swaying and dancing and singing
congregation of ecstatic unity,
facets of the One gem,
identical, yet no two the same,
the combined light of a myriad of stars,
singing the same song in orchestral, celestial harmony...

And then, the moment fades, we return to the heartbeat, to the Source, to the One...
and we rest in the trough, as we wait for the wave,
we rest in the valley before ascending the peak,
we rest in the stillness, the silence between the beats,
finding peace, finding whole-ness, finding center, finding home...

And prayers are spoken or chanted or shouted or sung,
wishes are granted and new dreams begun,    
the pulse begins to quicken
and the blood begins to flow
and the magic in the music takes us in the undertow,
we ride this growing ocean
we swim within the sound
and the rhythm rides us onward toward the duskiness of dawn...

Through the dimness,
through the darkness,
waiting softly in the night,
we are opening our channels,
we are singing through the light.
We are gathered making magic, making music, making sound.
We have been working and playing and praying this way for thousands and thousands of years
and we can not do this wrong.

And in this perfect trust and perfect love, we find ourselves, and we know our deepest purpose, and we know our truest center.
We are loving together, growing together, learning together... Each in our own way, at our own speed, as it should be.  And knowing this deeply, we return to the place in which we gathered, grateful... and hungry... and happy... and whole.


Ocean Mother Dreaming

She is rocking us to sleep and back awake again, in her salty embrace do we rise and fall, safely afloat in this giant metal monster.  Her song permeates the bulkheads, hypnotic and rhythmic, resonating with the constant pulsing within.  Her waters are infinite, stretching as far as the eye can see, an unending expanse of blue, this primordial mother of us all.  Was it from her belly that early life first crawled, all those millions of years ago?  This planet is very nearly covered entirely by her reaching and rolling waves.  Every river on the surface, somehow manages to find its way home to her, as do we, time after time after time.  I always sleep best on board these oversized cradles, deep, sweet dreams of flying follow me down.  The sounds of the ocean were my first lullaby, back there in the distant past of Rhode Island... And now she sings me to sleep, perchance to dream, calling me further inward, further downward, home to rest and heal and recuperate, drenching me in creative possibility, unending potential for growth, new ideas, new dreams, new visions flowing in, and ebbing out, without attachment or desire... Her great act of unselfish detachment, allowing those first children to crawl up out of her watery womb, letting them go, to become what they now mine as I allow these new dreams, and hopes and desires to plant themselves within me, fertile and ripe as I am, to bear their own fruit, given time, and sunshine, and enough water, and rest....


Words from the Wise One Within

Breathe, Dear Heart.  The voice of your self-hating, critical judge is going to get really loud when you’re close to breaking free of all that binds you.  You are releasing your pain, your blocks, your fear-- you are becoming truly free and that which imprisons you is only going to get louder as you get closer and closer to freedom.


Take A Spirit-Break

Yesterday, I started thinking about the concept of “resting in God” -trying to remember to allow myself little breaks during the day when I could stop and rest and take a few conscious breaths and turn my thoughts very deliberately toward Spirit, before sitting down to eat, while working with a client, during a business meeting, just to stop...  I want to rest in Spirit more- to be connected more... This longing will always be with me until the day I die and truly do reach union with Spirit.


Please, May I?

I ask for serenity, balance, peace, centeredness, grounding, clarity, faith, joy, love, laughter, sanity, positive choices, focus, connection, strength, health, and safety.


This Sacred Moment

Candlelight is the source of light in the room.  Incense smoke permeates the air, reminding me, with each inhale, that I am in a special place, a sacred place, a very holy place.  I create this sacred space around me in every single place I spend time- in my cabin or tent at a gathering or conference, in my dorm room, in my bedroom, in a corner of a fire circle.  Any place I am in becomes sacred and special and holy-- magic is in the air today.  I am sacred space.


A Reminder for when you hurt... 

Sweet One, you are a child of the Divine.  You have heard Spirit call you by your name, and when you call out, Spirit hears you.  You are the same spirit within as the One who causes the wind’s blowing and the ocean’s tides.  It is this same consciousness that keeps the earth turning, and the plants growing.

Thou. Art. God.

It is inconceivable that any human being could cause you harm or emotional pain.  You are absolutely whole, child.  Open your eyes to the miracle that you, that we are.  Beloved, I am right here with you, and I always have been.  Some of your teachers have given you harsh and painful lessons, but open your eyes and see what a better place you’re in now, how you’ve grown, how much you have to offer!  Miracle-child.  She who walks through the fire and emerges unscathed.  Phoenix-girl, rising from her own ashes, glittering and sparkling like the sun.  I know those wings hurt when they pricked through your shoulder blades- opening you and unfolding from you- changing the form you used to have, but -Look!  You can fly, and soar and dive deep and swim.  You are never alone.


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