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Welcome to the Den.

In the real, physical world, the Den of Iniquity has existed for some time, of course - it happens to be located in consensual spacetime wherever the pomo pair happen to be at the moment. But in the electronic world of cyberspace, the den is a new arrival. We hate those nerdy little "under construction" gifs you see all over the web, so you won't encounter them here, but fair warning, we're still building this thing, so you'll probably run into a few 404s here.
Deal with it.

W&S News:

W&S at Harrah's

Magic's most dynamic duo will headline this coming month at Harrah's casino in Atlantic City, NJ - see their Tour Schedule for details.

Nasty Pranks arrive

The Book Cover

Wright & Sayer's new book, Nasty Pranks for Good Pals hits the bookstores next month. If you"re an aspiring magician or a W&S fan, you'll want to pick up a copy. It's chock full of obnoxious gags you can alienate people with, as well as fascinating anecdotes from their careers.

Ben on Discover

Ben Wright, Magician

Ben Wright was recently interviewed for the Discover channel's documentary "Magicians and the Supernatural". He appears along with the Amazing Horni debunking the idea of actual "occult" or "supernatural" powers and events. Check your local listings for showtimes.

Killin' Em

Ben's been working on his novel, Killin' Em for some time now, and it's about done. it's already been optioned as a movie, starring W&S, of course, which will go into production early next year. The hardcover of the novel won't be released until after the movie is, of course, but online fans can get an advance look at the story right here at the den.

Soon to come: cool pics from W&S's latest cable special, "Wright and Sayer Running with Scissors", and some online magic demonstrations.

Wright & Sayer

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