Alex Doran, a hardbitten, cynical telejournalist is given an assignment to investigate "Real Magic". An assignment that he feels is a joke draws him inexorably into a strange web of conspiracy and occultism. His skepticism is shaken by strange events which place him as the pawn in a battlefield where rival factions of magicians play a deadly game for power.

The lines between dream and hallucination, illusion and reality become blurred as Alex pursues his investigations guided only by the mysterious figure of a masked magician. This wraith-like figure provides clues and portents, and eventually reveals that the one power that might help him is the ArcMage - reclusive head of the secretive occult order known as the World Magicians.

But when Alex discovers the identity of his guide, the mystery only deepens. Magnus McBride, internationally renowned stage magician vanished years before, supposedly on a similar quest for Real Magic. The dead body later discovered in the foothills of the Himalayas was identified as that of the famous "Magician of the Masks".

Alex Doran begins to doubt his own sanity, when he realizes that his only ally may be a ghost, and his only hope of survival a myth.

Written and illustrated byDuncan Eagleson of Eagleson Design & Illustration.

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