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Welcome to the newest incarnation of ArcMage.

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Arc News:

Beginning with Chapter Three, there are a few digressions in the form of "Easter Eggs". Run your mouse around the page to find them. In some cases, these provide some further depth and background for the story, in some cases they're pure self-indulgence on the author's part. If you hate this sort of thing, rest assured, you aren't missing anything crucial to the story if you ignore them.

A while back, we were considering the possibility of setting up a threaded discussion board as a letters page. While we're still getting emails about the story itself, the response to this suggestion has so far been pretty underwhelming - we got one, count 'em, one, letter in support of this idea. Since Bryce and I both have more than enough other work to keep us busy, we've shelved that project for the time being. Desperate wails of grief at our heartless abandonment of this wonderful idea can be sent to Duncan.

New Readers:

If you're new to these pages, and want an overview of what you're letting yourself in for, if you don't mind a couple of minor spoilers (real minor, we promise), you might want to start with the Introduction. If you're accustomed to print comics (as we were when we started this project), and like to see a Cover (pictured above), you can start there - just be patient, if you aren't on a very fast connection, as the cover is a rather large graphic.

If you'd rather just jump right in, go for Part One.

The current chapter is Part Three of our first Arc, "Secrets".

Secrets: Part One

Secrets: Part Two

Secrets: Part Three

Mailing List:

Thanks, and enjoy.


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